Accounting & Bookkeeping

At SBS Management our experienced professionals will assist you in reducing your business administrative costs by eliminating unnecessary training and reducing payroll and workers’ compensation costs.

Payroll & Tax Services

Managing payroll for your business can be a time-consuming process. When you have employees, you have payroll. There is no escaping the fact.

Legal Services

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Web Desing

Your website design will be the visual look and feel of a web page, color scheme, images, animations, text fonts, logos, decorative patterns, etc. We take the vision of our customers and bring it to life.

Business Loans

If you are a business owner and are looking for a loan for your business for expansion, for working capital or to buy a business, we have a loan program available to you.

Investment Opportunities

​We offer investments to fit the needs of our clients. If you are a beginning investors or a seasoned pro, SBS Management has a SAFE investment for you

Business Consulting

Life is about choices and how you proceed from here will determine your future as a business owner. SBS consulting services provides personal coaching and training that can help you make your life and your business more enjoyable and productive.

Entity Formation

The decision regarding business structure is a decision that a person should make, in consultation with an attorney and accountant, and taking into consideration issues regarding tax, liability, management, continuity, transferability of ownership interests, and formality of operation.

PEO & RH Services

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Digital Marketing

In today’s increasingly commoditized and competitive business environment, Marketing plays a critical role as a differentiator that creates preference and drives growth in your business.

Printing Services

Printing all your business marketing material can get very costly and time consuming. Our printing services and our production is based in central Texas and we are known for discounted prices, superior quality, and 24 hour production.

Merchant Services

Our partnered payment services are used daily by merchants, businesses and governments in all 50 states nationwide. We provide payment solutions, platforms and partner integrations, serving a variety of industries and markets.

Immigration Services

The logistics involved with immigration, obtaining an Investment Visa, working permits or petitioning can be overwhelming for all but those who have extensive experience in these areas of law.

Time and Labor Management

Our Time Management System stores your time and attendance data so you can easily share wage and hour information with Federal and State authorities if you are audited.

Commercial Insurance

SBS Management Insurance Service brokers offer a wide selection of business insurance coverage that will fit your specific business insurance needs.

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